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Will Electric Vehicles Kill The Gasoline Vehicles?

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Does it seem like your feed/news are constantly flooded with Electric Vehicle (EV) or some type of hybrid vehicle news? You’re not alone. It seems the manufacturing world has really made it trendy, but will all the ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) vehicles be taken off the road, make gasoline difficult to find, kill all the gas stations on every corner, and you’ll be plugging a vehicle every night into a cord- in the near future? Probably not, and here’s why.

Technology is neat, but it doesn’t mean it works, is efficient, affordable or reliable. I mean, we have provided European car repair for over a decade and kind of have a few scars to show how technology breaks.

1. Transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs):

Who’s going to transition to EVs that are available now. Early adopters, really. That’s about it. You can’t expect a farmer in the middle of Ohio during season to even think an electric vehicle is going to suit his needs when he’s probably going to be working 7 days a week for 3 months to finish plowing or harvesting, and his vehicle is going to be on 90+ hours a week. Technology fails here. Can’t refill it fast enough, can’t go far enough, can’t find places to charge it easy enough.

2. Hybrid Technology:

Hybrid vehicles, which combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor, have gained popularity as a transitional step towards full electrification. They offer better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Toyota Priuses have been on the road now for 26 years now. Think about that. 26 years of left lane hogging Priuses annoying the general public. In the last few years, trucks have been transitioning to hybrids, like the #Ford #powerboost or the #ram #Etorque truck. But just wait one second- Ford has their electric motor between the engine and transmission, and an actual (albeit small) 450 volt battery of 1.5kWh….. A legitimate mild hybrid. Ram uses what could be considered an overgrown alternator, and a very robust serpentine belt to make the alternator act as the starter, but only a 48v system and it’s not a storage system. A few Euro cars do this- but in my opinion is sort of a “meh” attempt instead of really diving into redesign. any way you cut it, I think this’ll be the future for quite a long time.

3. Efficiency Improvements:

Even though EVs are gaining prominence, ICE vehicles are not going away immediately. Automakers are continuously improving the efficiency of ICE engines to meet stricter emissions standards and improve fuel economy. Long live the gasoline or diesel engine.

4. Alternative Fuels:

Companies have been exploring alternative fuels like natural gas, biofuels, or hydrogen to get away from gasoline or diesel. BMW has been experimenting with Hydrogen since 1979, but has been used since 1807! We have biodiesel mixed already in our low sulphur diesel at the pumps, and ethanol mixed with gasoline. If you look closely, you’ll see natural gas busses, UPS and FedEx trucks, and have successfully been doing it for a while now. We run into not enough places to get it, and can’t go really far with it.

5. Synthetic gasoline:

Has been the new hot topic- #Seimins #Porsche #Bosch among others have been working on/developing/experimenting with synthetic fuels. It would get around the EU’s restriction on gasoline vehicle sales by 2035 (which is NUTS) because I simply don’t believe we’ll have viable technology advances in that amount of time that the general public will adopt.

6. Resale Value:

ICE vehicles are still holding their value reasonably well in the used car market, which can be appealing to buyers looking for more budget-friendly options. In my personal case, my 2022 Lightning has taken an extreme hit on resale value since I purchased it in June of 2022- which is a real bummer, according to my wallet. Remember, just like a vehicle that runs on gasoline, a full and thorough vehicle inspection should be performed on a used vehicle before purchasing it, to ensure you won’t be buying a vehicle that needs work and deferred maintenance. “What a great deal!” someone says, until they realized they bought a BEV vehicle with 60% degradation of the battery……

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CEO – ABR Houston

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