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Why Timing Chains Stretch. Continued

Air filters could lead to timing chain stretch. We've been corrected multiple times in previous articles - "timing chain wear"- but the most common term people use is "stretched". With the combination of a poor oil filter or incorrectly specified oil, this really starts to reduce engine longevity. In our timing chain series, we've gone over what a timing chain is, the reason why modern vehicles contribute to excessive or accelerated timing chain wear, the importance of the correct type of oil, and the importance of the correct engine oil filter. Understanding filter elements and their performance is crucial for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of internal combustion engines. With Read More...

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Why Timing Chains Stretch, part 4

Oil filters. Oil filtration. Oil filter quality. Yes, an oil filter can be attributed to timing chain stretch. Summarizing the last 3 parts of this series: The type of engine- whether it has timing chains or a timing belt (part 1 covered the difference between a timing belt and timing chain); and specific vehicles that are more susceptible to timing chain stretch than others. In part 2 we covered why timing chains stretch. The type of fuel injection the vehicle is using contributes to timing chain stretch, mainly most modern vehicles with GDI- Gasoline Direct injection. GDI creates a specific soot that is formed and passed on into the oil. Read More...

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Best Oil For Your Vehicles Engine

Maximum Engine Performance With The Correct Oil For Your Engine's Timing Chain The type of oil you choose can profoundly impact the health of your engine's timing chain. Let's draw a parallel with the familiar 'Tissue vs. Kleenex' scenario. Similar to everyone knowing what a tissue is, many drivers have heard of synthetic oil. It's not just any oil; it has become the go-to solution for engine maintenance. However, just as we casually say 'hand me a Kleenex' without specifying the brand, drivers often opt for synthetic oil without fully grasping its impact on their engine. Timing chains play a crucial role in coordinating your engine's internal components. When they Read More...

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Why timing chains stretch, part 2

In part 1 we discussed the difference between a timing belt and timing chain. This week we're touching on why timing chains stretch. Fuel injection modernization A modern development in engines on how gasoline gets into the engine- Direct Injection, or Gasoline direct injection (GDI). Cars, since the dawn of time have been inducing the fuel into the engine from wherever the air came in- whether that is a carburetor or fuel injection- the air and fuel mixed and landed on top of the intake valve. A carburetor or fuel injected engine (the term fuel injection which fuel is injected into the intake manifold vs being essentially sucked out of Read More...

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ABR Houston’s Successful “Toys for Tots” Initiative

ABR Houston's Successful "Toys for Tots" Initiative ABR Houston is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its "Toys for Tots" initiative. During the campaign from November 1st to December 6th, ABR Houston gave away over $3,000 in free brake services and donated over $500 worth of toys to support the Marine Corps' "Toys for Tots" program. Alex Noll, CEO of ABR Houston, expressed gratitude, stating, "Our community came together to make a significant impact. We provided over $3,000 in free brake services to those who generously contributed new, unwrapped toys. Additionally, we donated more than $500 worth of toys to bring joy to children during the holiday season." This Read More...

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WRL COTA Race Weekend Recap

I spent the last few days at Circuit of The Americas providing #racecar support with a 2018 Mercedes-Benz AG AMG #GT4 race car in the World Racing League Inc series. We met up on Wednesday to unload the car and equipment. This is the first time I've supported this car, so I tried to familiarize myself with it. The basics: This is a race car from the manufacturer, not a street car turned into one. It's powered by a 4.0 twin-turbo V8 AMG powerplant that puts power down through a torque tube and a transaxle in the back. It's a manual (it has a clutch pedal) but is an air-shifted Read More...

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Difference Between A Timing Belt and Timing Chain

What is a timing chain? A timing chain is located inside the engine, and is what connects the top and bottom rotating components in an engine. It has to keep the components spinning precisely at the same time, consistently. Imagine your car's engine is like a well-choreographed dance. The timing chain is the conductor, making sure everyone (or in this case, every part) moves at the right moment. It's a strong, durable link in the engine that keeps things in sync, ensuring your car's performance is smooth and efficient. Unlike some other parts, you don't need to change the timing chain regularly - but then why are some cars notoriously Read More...

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A Better Driving Experience With Electronic Shocks

Let's take a dive into the fascinating world of electronic shocks and their incredible journey from the early days to the cutting-edge systems we see in vehicles today. As a BMW master technician with over 22 years of experience, I've witnessed firsthand the remarkable transformation that electronic shocks have brought to the automotive industry. The inception of electronic shocks can be traced back to the late 20th century when automakers began experimenting with adaptive suspension systems. One of the early pioneers in this field was Delphi Automotive, introducing the MagneRide system in the 1990s. This groundbreaking technology utilized electromagnetically controlled shocks, adjusting their damping rates in real-time based on driving Read More...

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Brake fluid- what’s the big deal?

REMEMBER ABR Houston is giving away free brake pads for the Marines Toys for Tots this November- Bring in new unused toys, and we'll give you FREE brakes! Brake Fluid Basics Brake fluid is a specially formulated hydraulic fluid that plays a critical role in your vehicle's braking system. It serves as the medium through which the force you apply to the brake pedal is transmitted to the brake calipers, which in turn squeeze the brake pads against the rotors. This generates the friction needed to slow down and stop your vehicle. Types of Brake Fluid There are several types of brake fluid, with the most common ones being DOT Read More...

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FREE Brake Pads with Toys For Tots

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: 832-797-9114 FREE BRAKES “Toys for Tots” ABR Houston offers free brakes to support the Marine Corps (The Woodlands, Texas) In an effort to help the local Marine Corps “Toys For Tots” program this holiday season, owners and employees of ABR Houston in The Woodlands, Texas will give you FREE BRAKE PADS (November 1st through December 6th) when you bring in new, unwrapped toys. According to Alex Noll, owner of ABR- The Woodlands leading repair facility of European vehicles- “This will be our ninth year working with the Marine Corps to collect toys for children who would otherwise do without. We have decided to dedicate our time Read More...

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