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Consumers List Auto Repair Is One of The Top Frustrations

Car maintenance and repairs can be a source of frustration and distrust for many Americans, even more so than bills for home repairs or services from professionals like lawyers and accountants, according to recent surveys. Surprisingly, this distrust even surpasses the skepticism surrounding medical bills. The survey sheds light on the challenges drivers face when dealing with car repairs and the impact on their finances. Here are some key insights from the survey: Lack of Trust: The majority of Americans don't trust car repair shops to treat them fairly. Nearly 9 out of 10 respondents admitted to feeling overcharged or suspecting they've been overcharged at some point. More than half Read More...

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Will Electric Vehicles Kill The Gasoline Vehicles?

Does it seem like your feed/news are constantly flooded with Electric Vehicle (EV) or some type of hybrid vehicle news? You're not alone. It seems the manufacturing world has really made it trendy, but will all the ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) vehicles be taken off the road, make gasoline difficult to find, kill all the gas stations on every corner, and you'll be plugging a vehicle every night into a cord- in the near future? Probably not, and here's why. Technology is neat, but it doesn't mean it works, is efficient, affordable or reliable. I mean, we have provided European car repair for over a decade and kind of have Read More...

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BMW to lose the V8 in Europe

In 2022, when BMW unveiled the 7 Series G70, European fans noticed something missing – the V8 engine. Fast forward to August 2023, and it looks like the V8 won't be returning to European shores anytime soon. However, our friends across the Atlantic in the United States can still enjoy the 760i with its eight-cylinder power. Recently, there's been talk about the next-generation X5, X6, and X7 following a similar path. Some insiders suggest that these luxury SUVs might ditch the V8 power later this decade. But hold on, the full story is a bit different. The M60i models, part of the M Performance lineup, are expected to stick around Read More...

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The role of telematics in automotive repair and maintenance

Telematics and vehicle information has been going on for nearly 25 years! What is telematics? Telematics, in simple terms, involve the use of onboard sensors and communication systems to monitor a vehicle’s health and performance. For in-warranty vehicles, these systems can be particularly powerful. Many modern vehicles equipped with telematics systems can transmit data directly to the manufacturer or dealership. This provides several advantages: Dealerships, being affiliated with manufacturers, often have access to remotely access a vehicle’s data, diagnose issues, and recommend specific repairs. This ensures that the repairs are carried out according to the manufacturer’s standards, which can be crucial to maintaining the vehicle’s warranty coverage. Those of you Read More...

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Water-Based vs. Solvent-Based Automotive Paint

Bodywork and paint technology has come a long way in the last 20,40,60 years. Practically all paintwork done is now water based, versus solvent based. Here's a few pro's and con's over them: Water-Based Automotive Paint: Environmental Friendliness: Water-based paints are more environmentally friendly as they have lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means fewer harmful fumes during application. Health and Safety: Water-based paints are generally safer for both the painters and the environment due to reduced exposure to toxic chemicals. Drying Time: Water-based paints tend to dry faster than solvent-based paints. This can lead to quicker completion times for paint jobs. Color Accuracy: Water-based paints often provide Read More...

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BMW’s Back In The Day

Back in the day, all of BMW's cars were an E(something). E12, E28, E30, E36...etc.etc. Now, you can't even keep up with the new model chassis codes- and we work on them daily lol. The new BMW M5 (G60) is going to be the most powerful, fastest- and the first Hybrid electric M car as well. I'm excited. First off, power. 790 horsepower and 1000 nm (737 ftlbs) of torque! This is pretty exciting in an all wheel drive package. It'll still have an 8 speed transmission, but will be coupled with an E-machine to put the power down. Speed- Reports say 0-60 will be around 2.7 seconds or less. Read More...

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The 500cc 1 Stroke Engine

"1 stroke" 84lb engine making 120 hp? Call me weird. I like weird things like this. A company has developed a 500cc one-stroke engine that has impressive power to weight- and promptly installed it in a Miata. Breaking the Mold: The 500cc One-Stroke Engine Contrary to the trend of electric powertrains and hybrid systems where that's basically all you hear about lately, a company has rekindled the spirit of traditional combustion engines with its 500cc one-stroke engine. This engine's design departs from the conventional multi-stroke engines found in most vehicles. Instead, it operates on a one-stroke principle, where each cylinder fires only once per cycle. Unveiling the Power Potential: The Read More...

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Why should I replace the rotors with the brake pads?

Today, we're diving into an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance – the brakes. Specifically, we'll explore why it's crucial to replace not just the brake pads but also the rotors. Before we talk about rotors, let's quickly review how the brake system works. When you press the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid rushes through the brake lines, applying pressure on the brake pads. These pads then clamp down on the rotors, which are large metal discs attached to the wheels. The friction between the pads and the rotors creates the stopping power that slows down or halts your car. Brake pads are crucial components of your vehicle's braking system. As they Read More...

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Texas postpones EV chargers

Texas postpones EV chargers Texas has decided again to postpone a vote on the use of federal funds for building electric vehicle chargers; and I believe this is lack of education on the commission's part. Previously, Texas had announced its intention to mandate the use of both Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) and the Combined Charging System (CCS) for state-funded EV chargers (see ya later, #CHAdeMO) However, this decision faced resistance from manufacturers and operators of EV chargers, who argued that additional time is required to thoroughly test the compatibility and functionality of both CSS and NACS when used in conjunction. Why? Because even CCS is now going to be Read More...

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Driving Laws and Road Safety

Driving laws have a significant impact on our daily lives as motorists. They are put in place to maintain order, promote road safety, and protect both drivers and pedestrians. In this article, we delve into the ongoing debate surrounding driving laws and their effectiveness in enhancing road safety. By shedding light on different perspectives, we aim to provide valuable information that fosters awareness and responsible driving practices. Striking a Balance Between Safety and Individual Freedom: The discussion surrounding driving laws often revolves around finding the right balance between safety and personal freedom. While the intent of driving laws is to safeguard lives and prevent accidents, an excessive number of regulations Read More...

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