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BMW to lose the V8 in Europe

BMW to lose the V8 in Europe

In 2022, when BMW unveiled the 7 Series G70, European fans noticed something missing – the V8 engine. Fast forward to August 2023, and it looks like the V8 won’t be returning to European shores anytime soon. However, our friends across the Atlantic in the United States can still enjoy the 760i with its eight-cylinder power.

Recently, there’s been talk about the next-generation X5, X6, and X7 following a similar path. Some insiders suggest that these luxury SUVs might ditch the V8 power later this decade. But hold on, the full story is a bit different. The M60i models, part of the M Performance lineup, are expected to stick around in the USA.

Why is BMW making these changes? It all boils down to stricter emissions regulations. In 2025, the Euro 7 standard will kick in, making it harder for carmakers to offer cars with big engines while meeting the new, tougher standards. The V12 engine in the 760i already went away for the same reason, pushing car manufacturers toward downsizing and electrifying their vehicles through hybrids or electric power. Rolls-Royce has stopped the V12 as well 🙁

What about the upcoming X5, X6, and X7 models? The next X5 (G65) is rumored to start production by the end of 2026, followed by the X7 (G67) in mid-2027 and the X6 (G66) in the second half of 2028. While V8s may not be part of the European lineup, there’s still hope for an M Performance version, possibly with a plug-in hybrid featuring an inline-six engine. Maybe they can ditch ///M badging all the rest of the cars that aren’t M cars, too. Just a thought.

These changes might remind us of the recent shift in the 5 Series, where the M550i no longer offers a V8. However, there’s good news on the horizon as the M5 plug-in hybrid, expected in 2024, will keep those beloved eight cylinders alive, available in both sedan and wagon body styles.


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