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What does BMW have that American consumers love so much? BMW is a brand known for its luxury and performance, but they also top the list of the least reliable and most expensive to maintain.

If you are one of these BMW enthusiasts, you need the best BMW repair shop Near Me to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Despite the cons of owning a BMW, it is still a famous brand to own. The word that keeps standing out with BMW is performance.

The market proves that you can’t put a price tag on power and performance. You can hear owners rave about their vehicles, claiming that only BMW can offer sheer driving pleasure.

Whatever it is, the engineers at BMW have hit the bullseye when it comes to performance. The engine offers quick acceleration and smooth shifting. These European masterpieces hug the pavement and eat curves for breakfast.

Having the blue and white badge exudes prestige like no other. The BMW lineup boasts of good looking cars and SUVs with the performance to boot.

When you start having issues with your BMW, you should bring it to the right specialist for proper care and maintenance.


It’s amazing that despite BMWs poor reliability and high price tags, it doesn’t deter buyers from buying the brand. We share some tips on how to find the best BMW repair shop near me.

Google is your best friend when looking for a BMW specialist that can take good care of your vehicle. You can check on online reviews or go to the local BBB (Better Business Bureau) to find out if there are any complaints filed against a particular auto shop.

Online review sites like Yelp can provide you with reviews and comments regarding services done by BMW mechanics. Taking into consideration these reviews and rankings can help you narrow down your search for the best auto repair shop.

You can also reach out to friends and family who own a BMW. They will surely have a mechanic in mind when you ask about their cars.

BMW vehicles are more expensive than the competition, so owners must do their best to find out everything about a prospective auto technician.

Reputable BMW mechanics will have no problem answering all the questions and queries you might have, like their experience in repairing BMW and the equipment that they use for diagnostics and maintenance.


BMWs are not the most reliable cars in the world. If you notice these signs, it means that a trip to the auto shop is a must.

Check Engine Light

Older BMW models may not have a check engine light indicator. If you have one, make sure to see your car mechanic once it turns on. Don’t wait until more damage occurs before visiting the auto shop.

Weird Noises

Any unusual sounds like popping or grinding from your crankcase is a sign that something is amiss. A trip to the shop won’t hurt. You can also save up on repair costs if you fix the problem at its early stages.


If you love our BMW, you should know how to maintain it. Having the best BMW repair shop Near Me can make things easier.

When your BMW needs replacement parts, modifying may not be a great idea. Components like oil filters, coolant systems, and brake cylinders are tailor-made for your BMW make and model.

Using OEM parts is the best way to enjoy the performance that our BMW was made for.

Your BMW engine is the heart of your ultimate driving machine. Don’t let small issues cause an inconvenience. Regular BMW engine checkups should be scheduled with professionals so you can avoid risks to safety while on the road.

A powerful engine needs the appropriate stopping power when you need it. Routine BMW maintenance should include brake check-ups and flushing. If you notice signs of brake pad wear, replace them when they cause squeaking noises.

Regular oil changes can help you avoid costly engine replacement in the future. New engine oil every 5,000 miles is a good practice even if your owner’s manual suggests 15,000-mile intervals. If you live in extreme weather conditions, frequent oil changes are a good practice.


Not all mechanics are equipped and trained to perform the proper BMW maintenance and repair routines.

At ABR Houston, we have the best BMW repair shop Near Me. You can entrust your ultimate driving machine to us for all your routine check-ups and repair needs.

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  • We offer the best warranties in the business today. We guarantee our work for three years or 36,000 miles
  • We have all the tools and facilities to diagnose your BMW accurately and make it run efficiently.

ABR Houston provides the highest quality auto repair services in Spring and Houston, TX. Dealerships are not the only auto shops that can provide quality auto services.

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