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The automotive arena of service and repair is rapidly changing at an alarming rate. Some shops are staying on top and most are not./p>

An Example that I’d hope all shops could adhere to.

  • Our technicians are required to get 8 hours every 6 months in training.
  • Alex, the owner teaches other BMW shops technical training.
  • We have the lastest BMW software and diagnosis equipment, that can talk and diagnose your current model vehicles.
  • We have dealer level repair procedures and pay (a hefty sum!) for the independent side of the manufacturer’s information and programming website.
  • We have new vehicles that we own as shop cars to familiarize ourselves with current technologies.

While all this works well, its still difficult to find on bleeding edge material. It’s always a game to find the latest and greatest information. Top tier shops will be subscribed to the manufacturer’s independent website for up-to-date information and training. It’s expensive for a reason, it keeps the shade tree and casual working people away. If a shop’s staff does not take the time to stay up to date on ASE and manufacturer certifications and training, they may be lacking in the skills needed to diagnose and repair your vehicle effectively. This will cost you more money! Ask what training and certifications they have, especially the technician who will be working on your vehicle.

The last thing we want to see is your vehicle be used as the classroom!

-Alex Noll

Owner of ABR Houston

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