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It’s hard to be good at everything, right? Professionals across the board specialize in certain areas, and try to focus on one thing. Why? Because there’s a lot to know! That’s why we specialize in BMW’s. Other shops may specialize in other makes. Although it can be harder to weed out, finding a shop that knows YOUR type of car well can make the difference between your car lasting 100,000 miles or 200,000+ miles before being retired. It’s also the experience you’re paying for that may say: “This issue may turn very expensive in 6 months. We need to prepare for it now, or determine how committed you are to this vehicle.” You’re paying for that experience that gives you a small window into the future to prepare for a repair or avoid it all together. I hate emergencies. I’m sure you do too. If your doctor during a normal checkup saw some signs of cancer, I’m sure you’d want to be aware of it….. especially if we could avoid it before it becomes a problem.

Typically if you can’t find a good trustworthy independent shop to help you, the dealership is the only other place to go. It’s a hit and miss (mostly misses!) to find a dealership that treats you fairly, doesn’t over charge and actually has decent technicians to work on your car. The dealership had guys like me…… trained, motivated, top-tier technicians who did the best they could every day, and a proven track record. Blame corporate America and the all-mighty dollar though, they’re motivated by profits and fill the shops with warm bodies…. Not qualified technicians. You wouldn’t believe it, but its true. I’ve seen and had the displeasure attempting to train many people who want to be a technician……. and they have no clue or right to hold a wrench in their hand. It’s not that they wouldn’t eventually be reasonably ok after years of working there and multiple screw ups (hopefully not on your car)….. but that they would never excel at the job and be the best. The work force of actually good QUALIFIED technicians that want to be the best are very far and few between. But that’s not just the dealership’s problem. That seems to be the workforce in general!

Independent shops have the same woe’s. We’re always looking for qualified professional technicians. Heck, we’re looking for one right now!

At the end of the day, experience is a key point of what will be a successful repair and visit, or a pain in the neck. Let’s avoid that headache.

Alex Noll

Owner- ABR Houston

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