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We understand that it can be stressful to see your vehicle’s check engine light turn on. It can be scary wondering about what the issue could be and how much it is going to cost you to fix it. When your vehicle’s check engine light turns on, it’s letting you know that it has detected a problem that needs to be addressed. The best way to get peace of mind and figure out the problem is to bring your vehicle into your local auto repair shop for computer diagnostics.

Computer diagnostic testing is done using a tool that essentially snaps onto your vehicle’s computer system. It will read the error code which will indicate which system the problem is coming from. This will help your mechanic pinpoint the issue and perform further, more specific testing if needed. Once the issue is determined, you will better understand the problem and how much it will cost to restore your vehicle.

Engine problems can manifest in other ways as well, so look out for any of the following symptoms:

  • Burning smell
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Engine runs rough
  • Engine stalling
  • Strange noises coming from under the hood

If you notice anything else strange along with the check engine light, be sure to take note and let your mechanic know this as well. This will help pinpoint the issue more thoroughly and accurately. If you find yourself in this situation with the check engine light on – don’t panic! Just visit your local mechanic and the issue will be handled quickly.

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