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Nobody wants to get stuck in a vehicle emergency situation, but chances are it may happen to you in your lifetime. The best thing you can do is be prepared for anything while on the road and understand the steps you need to take in a certain situation to protect yourself and your safety. If you get into an accident or your vehicle suddenly stops working in the middle of the road, here are some helpful tips to remember:

1. Stay calm and don’t panic. If you start to panic, you may lose sight of what you need to do in the situation and make things worse. Just breathe, and try to think of the next step that will be best for you in whatever situation you catch yourself in.

2. If you’re in an accident, pull over off of the road or to a safe place if possible. Never get out of your vehicle in the middle of the road. If you cannot move your car to safety, stay in your vehicle and call the police. If you can get over safely, make sure you can exit your vehicle without being in the way of any traffic.

3. Make sure everyone in your vehicle is OK and safe. If you need medical attention, call for help immediately. It also helps to make sure that everyone in other vehicles that are involved are OK, too.

4. Whether you’re in an accident or your vehicle stops working, it is always a good idea to call the police. They can help manage things in an accident. They can also help you get a tow truck called and get your next steps situated if you find yourself in a breakdown scenario.

5. If you are in an accident, make sure that you take photos of all of the damage right there of both your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle. Get their information, including personal information, vehicle information, and insurance.

If you ever find yourself in a less than favorable situation on the road, just remember the steps above and remember that the problem is only temporary and you will get through it.

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