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A Volkswagen Touareg is an excellent choice for a family vehicle. It’s a 4×4 and has excellent reviews in surveys, especially those about luxury SUV class. Most Touaregs do not experience problems even after 5 years.

For those who experience problems, repairs are easy to carry out because they have similar parts with other Volkswagen Group models. So, if you’ll be having problems with most parts, engines, or transmission, you can easily outsource those.

Between 2010 to 2018, Touareg was one of the most famous premium SUVs of Volkswagen. However, the high price of the Touareg compared to other Volkswagen SUVs have contributed to its sales decline.

It is also not without fault. There are some reports of owners about problems they experience with their Touareg. Below are five of the most common mechanical and electrical problems of a Volkswagen Touareg :

  1.  Car Tensioner

Owners of the 2007 Volkswagen Touareg have reported to Car Complaints about issues with their car’s tensioner. The car’s tensioner is a critical part of the vehicle because its malfunction can lead to engine damage, or worse, engine replacement.

If not acted upon immediately, repairs can cost up to $6,900. An owner of a 2007 Touareg shared that the repair price can even be equal to buying a new car. Owners who encounter this problem mentioned that it occurs when they hit 79,000 miles.

  1.  Fuel Pump

The 2010 Volkswagen Touareg owner also reported fuel problems. And the main culprit? The fuel pump.

Owners of 2010 Touareg have reported suddenly losing power while driving. Good thing no one got involved in an accident. Upon visiting the mechanics, it turned out that the power loss was attributed to a broken fuel pump. There were reports of fuel leaks for the 2010 model too.

Owners who experience fuel pump problems when they reach around 39,000 to 70,000 miles. They also reported having to spend around $11,000 to solve the issue.

  1.  Water Damage

Water penetrating the air filter and causing water damage is a reported problem by 2015 Touareg owners.

Worst, the water in the air filter reaches the engine, resulting in even bigger problems. Owners reported this issue with 30,000 to 40,000 miles in their odometer.

One owner said this problem cost him 44330 since he needed a complete engine rebuild. Don’t want to be like him? Ask yourself what Volkswagen Car Shop near me and visit it.

  1.  Oil Leaks

This issue is fortunately easy and cheap to fix. If you notice a leak coming from the engine’s back, this can mean a damaged seal ring on the engine speed sensor. Replace the leaks, and the leak will stop.

  1.  Gearbox Problems

When you hear an intermittent whining noise from the gearbox area, visit a Volkswagen shop near you. The Touareg is a great off-road vehicle, but owners who do many off-road driving have reported experiencing problems in their front differential.

Volkswagen Car Shop Near Me? Why Not?

Knowing these problems, the next question to answer is whether to bring your vehicle to a Volkswagen dealership or an independent auto shop?

A good thing to consider is that going to the dealership doesn’t always mean a good deal or the best quality service. Some dealerships can be impersonal and expensive.

Dealerships also do not have the monopoly of experience when it comes to doing repairs for your Volkswagen. Independent auto shops have trained technicians whose skills are honed by experience. They work on these cars daily to know what the common problems are and how to solve them.

If there is an independent auto shop near you, give it a try. Once you can see the difference, you might never have to revisit a Volkswagen dealership.

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