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You’d be *amazed* at the unsafe things we see sometimes.
-Completely shredded tires.
-Serious suspension deficiencies.
-Missing lug nuts.
-Broken exhaust.
-Severely worn brake systems.
-Bad power steering systems.
Yet, people want to get rid of the Texas state inspection program resoundingly it seems on social media.

No, actually it needs to be more strict.
Want to challenge me on this? Over this weekend, count how many third brake lights, brake lights, broken turn signals and incorrect colored lights (blue/green/etc, not red=rear, yellow=front) you see. I can tell you, I see a minimum of 5 bad tail light bulbs out every time I go back and forth to work.
How about check engine lights? Being in a truck, I can simply peer into a window and see that bright yellow light on (unless they put tape over it lol)

So, you want to get rid of the State inspection program? At least its just once a year, and you know when it’s due.
You know who will now enforce it? Police officers. All of them. Guess what will happen? Now, it’ll be a money grab and royal pain to clear up “Fix-it” tickets. Trust me on this. Instead of a licensed trained state inspection place doing this, you’ll have an inexperienced Police officer doing safety and emissions road side testing. Think fighting a speeding ticket is fun? Think of the burden at the courthouses now for all of these deficiencies having to be checked off and you paying a 35+ dollar fine instead.

Then you have dirt bags like this person in this article that are passing state inspections without properly doing them. Cars that are unsafe, and shouldn’t be on the road.
There is a very black and white line there, no grey area. We have people ask us to do illegal things all the time on their car, and we simply won’t do it. The EPA fine, the penalties for “helping them out” just isn’t worth it.
Fix your car. Its the right thing to do.

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