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Texas postpones EV chargers

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Texas postpones EV chargers

Texas has decided again to postpone a vote on the use of federal funds for building electric vehicle chargers; and I believe this is lack of education on the commission’s part.

Previously, Texas had announced its intention to mandate the use of both Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) and the Combined Charging System (CCS) for state-funded EV chargers (see ya later, #CHAdeMO)

However, this decision faced resistance from manufacturers and operators of EV chargers, who argued that additional time is required to thoroughly test the compatibility and functionality of both CSS and NACS when used in conjunction. Why? Because even CCS is now going to be antiquated equipment. It’s what’s keeping us from doing any Level 3 charging decisions, as a NACS charger is clearly the only way to go with new equipment.

Initially scheduled for June 29, the vote on the allocation of funds was delayed to a later date after three members of Texas’ transport commission expressed the need for more time before making a decision.

Now, the vote has been rescheduled yet again, and it is set to take place on August 16. A spokesperson from the Texas Department of Transportation stated that the issue was removed from the July agenda “based on the commissioners’ discretion.”

According to an executive from an EV charging company, the reason for this delay is the industry’s reaction to the significant announcement, with a desire to handle the matter responsibly, as expressed to Reuters.


Alex Noll

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