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Paper Vehicle License Plates Coming To An End in Texas

The Abuse of Paper License Plates Coming To An End

Living in Houston, Texas, I’m sure you’re well aware of the pandemic we face with paper temporary license plates on vehicles. These plates, used when someone purchases a vehicle, have been a source of abuse and criminal activities for quite some time. The local news/rags have been constantly writing articles on how they are used and abused. However, the recent signing of HB718 into law, effective in 2025, brings hope for a positive change. Let’s explore why this development is so significant.
paper license plates coming to an end in texas

The Problem with Paper Plates:

A quick search on the issue reveals numerous articles discussing the problems associated with paper plates on cars. These plates have been abused and used in crimes and thefts, creating a substantial issue that needs to be addressed. The primary goal of the new legislation is to clean up the roads by eliminating the use of paper temporary plates.

The Flaws of Paper Plates:

Paper plates have been around for a long time, allowing individuals to drive off with their newly purchased vehicles. Dealerships or used car dealers would later replace them with metal plates, which were delivered separately. However, the abuse of paper plates became a significant concern. Shady dealers would create manual dated paper plates, claiming technical difficulties, and never properly register or title the vehicles in someone’s name.

The deterioration and unreadability of paper plates also pose problems. These flimsy sheets of paper are not built to withstand the elements. They fall off, get destroyed, and become illegible over time. You’ve likely encountered beat-up paper temporary plates on the roads, a clear sign of their vulnerability.

The Potential Benefits of Eliminating Paper Plates:

With the implementation of this legislation, I hope to witness several positive outcomes. First and foremost, it will become easier to connect vehicles to crimes, as the unique identification associated with metal plates will be in place from the moment of purchase. Stolen vehicles may be located more efficiently, reducing the success rate of car thieves. Additionally, individuals who attempt to evade insurance or vehicle registration requirements will hopefully go down, since they can’t hide behind the “I’m waiting in the mail for my license plates”.

The new legislation signaling the end of paper temporary license plates brings much-needed relief to the ongoing problems associated with these flimsy identification solutions. By removing paper plates from circulation, we can expect improved vehicle tracking, reduced vehicle abuse, and increased accountability among car owners.

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