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Audi’s are finely tuned machines that leave no room for car owners to tinker with them on their own. This is why you need an Audi Auto Repair Shop Spring TX to ensure that your engine is in perfect shape all year round.

When the leaves are starting to fall, you know that the Fall season has arrived in Spring, Texas. Fall is a season where we can enjoy moderate temperatures as we look forward to the coming winter season.

Making sure that your Audi is ready for the change in season is a good idea, who knows fall might start slow and moderate but can quickly give way to occasional lousy weather.

The Fall season may be the best time for you to catch up with regular repair and services you have been putting off for your Audi.

Here are areas to inspect to ensure a hassle-free winter with your European vehicle.


Audi owners will agree that your engine oil is the lifeblood of your German car. In hot weather, the oil keeps high friction components cooler by lubrication. During colder weather, the oil has an even more important function as it helps reduce wear from a cold start.

As your car sits overnight, your oil drips back into the pan, and a thin layer is left to protect your engine parts from bare metal to metal contact. As your oil degrades, its ability to coat inside engine parts also decreases.

An oil change every 5,000 kilometers is a good practice that will help save your engine from wear and tear during cold morning startups.

Replacing your oil filters should also be part of your oil change routine so that dirt and particulates that are picked up by your oil is trapped and doesn’t reach your engine.

When dirty oil and fall weather changes get ahold of your Audi, you may be in for trouble.

Fresh oil and filters are an excellent way to start your Audi fall maintenance routine


Cold weather isn’t good for anything under your hood, especially your car battery. Batteries don’t respond well in cold weather. Make sure that connections are tight and free from corrosion. Your batteries will likely have a date stamp on top to let you know how old it is. Some batteries last longer than others but give little to no warning if they are nearing the end of their life.

If you are approaching winter and you have an old battery under your hood, you should consider changing it to avoid the hassle of being stranded.


Many car owners overlook this simple device’s importance, especially when you are nearing a season where more rains are expected. Worn out wipers give poor visibility and may cause accidents on the road.

Audi owners may not know this, windshield wipers should be replaced every six months. An Audi Auto Repair Shop Spring TX can inspect your vehicle to see if your wipers need replacement. Wipers are vital when heavy rains are expected, so installing a fresh set of wipers is ideal. Checking wiper fluid is also essential, it’s such a hassle when you don’t have any fluid stocked up when you need them.

Wiper replacement for your Audi used to be quick and straightforward. The process with newer models is more complicated, which is not for the DIY owner. A trip to your auto repair shop is the best way to get a new set of wipers.


Like any aspect of your Audi, the coolant is now specialized, unlike before. Most German car owners don’t realize that off the shelf coolants is not ideal for the modern aluminum radiators and water pumps.

Purchasing anti-freeze that doesn’t meet your Audi’s specifications could damage your cooling system. Many European cars of today use a sealed and pressurized cooling system, and adding too much coolant can become an issue. Coolant tanks are no longer visible on some models, which makes it harder to inspect on your own.

Check your owners manual to know the exact specifications of coolant for your make and model. Audi technicians can check all your fluid levels and change fluids that are no longer fresh.


Don’t drive in the fall and into winter without making sure that your tires are up to the task.

Fresh tires are essential, especially on wet roads. You need tires with deep treads, and a visual inspection is not that reliable. An Audi with a Sport package features better handling due to an adjustment to the wheel camber.

Rear wheels will look like they are angled inward, making them corner and handle better than stock Audi models. This camber setting may give better handling, but it also reduces tread on the inside of your tire faster. Visually, the outside of your tire may look fine, but inside it can be bald like an eagle.

A visit to an Audi Auto Repair Shop Spring TX can give you an accurate diagnosis of your tire condition so you would know if you need a replacement or not.


Summer has been a busy season for your car with all the road trips and vacations you had.

Keeping up with repair and services will give you the best performance out of your Audi. This fall season, make sure that your Audi is ready for what mother nature may dish out. Preparing your German car for the cooler season ahead can help you avoid the hassle of breakdowns.

Take your Audi in for a computer diagnostics check and get it ready for the fall and upcoming winter.

For the best Audi driving experience, you should take your vehicle to your Audi Auto Repair Shop Spring TX. If you want your Audi to stay under warranty, visit your mechanic for an inspection.

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