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FREE Brake Pads with Toys For Tots

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FREE BRAKES “Toys for Tots”
ABR Houston offers free brakes to support the Marine Corps
(The Woodlands, Texas)

In an effort to help the local Marine Corps

“Toys For Tots” program this holiday season, owners and employees of ABR Houston in The Woodlands, Texas will give you FREE BRAKE PADS (November 1st through December 6th) when you bring in new, unwrapped toys.

According to Alex Noll, owner of ABR- The Woodlands leading repair facility of European vehicles-

“This will be our ninth year working with the Marine Corps to collect toys for children who would otherwise do without. We have decided to dedicate our time and resources to this noble cause to help the community. Our clients are excited about it, and so are we.”

FREE BRAKES will be offered to anyone with toys for the Marine’s program; no strings attached.

“The Houston community has been very good to us. This is simply a way to give back.”

“We anticipate a huge turnout this month, and hope it can change some children’s holidays”

The donations will be accepted at ABR Houston, at 8498 Miller Road, The Woodlands Texas 77354

The toys must be new, in the original packaging and unwrapped. People wanting to take advantage of this special should call or stop by ABR Houston, during normal business hours (Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM) at 832-797-9114.

About ABR:

ABR Houston was created by Alex Noll, who wanted to bring “Honest, Transparent, Correct” to the automotive world. All of our employee’s have the same mentality and desire to help our customers, no matter what! We want improve your relationship between you and your car, and practice this on a daily basis.

ABR Houston’s clientele includes a huge following of Teachers, Police and Firefighters, several local council persons, many college professors and hundreds of families from the surrounding neighborhoods. We want to bring value to your vehicle repair experience.

For further information, call 832-797-9114

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About The Free Brake Promotion

  1. Why are you doing a free brakes promotion?
  2. We are working hard to help the Marine’s program “Toy’s for Tots” it is one of our ways of giving back to the community.
  3. What is included in the Free Brake Promotion?
  4. Here’s what’s included:
  • FREE Complete Brake system inspection and report – up to $34.67 value.
  • FREE Premium – Brake pads- up to $200 value.
  • FREE fluids topped off, tire pressures checked, vehicle is washed and vacuumed. Any other concerns are brought to the attention of the customer.

What is not included?

  1. The rest of the brake job, for example: Installing the brake pads, replacing the rotors, and (if equipped) replacing the brake lining sensor. Servicing and/or replacing the following: brake hoses, parking brakes, calipers, brake hydraulic system, and so on.
  2. This promotion is for EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE in the world out there?
  3. Well, no- Most cars and light trucks qualify, however some vehicles have astronomically expensive brake components (carbon fiber pads, ceramic rotors, “race bred” brakes on factory vehicles, etc. etc.). If the brake pads are over the cost of $200, the amount discounted will be applied to the cost, and you’ll be responsible for the difference
  4. If my vehicle requires additional brake work (other then just pads and rotors) and I don’t want to repair or service any of the additional work, can I still get the free brakes installed?
  5. Because brakes play a major safety role in the operation of your automobile, we will not perform any work on the brake system unless we are able to bring it to “100%” safe condition. However, the complete brake inspection (valued at $34.67) will be FREE
  6. If I choose not to repair my brakes will I have to leave the unwrapped new toy with you?
  7. While not required; we would expect you to leave the toy with us- after all this whole promotion is about Toys for Tots, and you still get a FREE brake inspection with report, valued at $34.67.
  8. Will I be able to wait while you inspect and maintain my car?
  9. In order for us to accommodate the heavy load of extra work this will bring, the only way we can accomplish this great service is by having your car left here for the whole day or at least 5 hours. However, we will do our best to schedule according to your needs.

Please share and spread this around to everyone you know!

Alex Noll

CEO – ABR Houston

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