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BMW’s Back In The Day

Back in the day, all of BMW’s cars were an E(something). E12, E28, E30, E36…etc.etc. Now, you can’t even keep up with the new model chassis codes- and we work on them daily lol. The new BMW M5 (G60) is going to be the most powerful, fastest- and the first Hybrid electric M car as well. I’m excited.

First off, power. 790 horsepower and 1000 nm (737 ftlbs) of torque! This is pretty exciting in an all wheel drive package. It’ll still have an 8 speed transmission, but will be coupled with an E-machine to put the power down.

Speed- Reports say 0-60 will be around 2.7 seconds or less.

Weight- All BMW enthusiasts always complain about the ever-so-heavier next model, this one is of no exception. It’ll be heavier than the current BMW M5, it seems that modern vehicles never get put on diets- they always get chunkier.

A Touring (YES!!!) is coming out, which is something that I’m sure the North American market won’t be getting (BOOO!!!)

It’ll be a direct competitor against the Audi RS6, which I think it’ll do nicely. Both vehicles are outstanding examples.

It’ll be expensive! Reports show it’ll be around 125,000 to start.

Handling will be superb, I’m sure- rear steering will probably become part of this solution.

It’s hybrid system should let it go approximately 60 miles or so on full electric, with the (assuming) same 25.7kWh battery the XM is using.

Overall, We’ll be ready and waiting to see one in real life when it comes to the shop!


Alex Noll

CEO – ABR Houston

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