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Best Oil For Your Vehicles Engine

best oil for your timing chain

Maximum Engine Performance With The Correct Oil For Your Engine’s Timing Chain

The type of oil you choose can profoundly impact the health of your engine’s timing chain. Let’s draw a parallel with the familiar ‘Tissue vs. Kleenex’ scenario.

Similar to everyone knowing what a tissue is, many drivers have heard of synthetic oil. It’s not just any oil; it has become the go-to solution for engine maintenance. However, just as we casually say ‘hand me a Kleenex’ without specifying the brand, drivers often opt for synthetic oil without fully grasping its impact on their engine.

Timing chains play a crucial role in coordinating your engine’s internal components. When they stretch, it can lead to a cascade of engine issues. Surprisingly, the type of oil you use might be a silent player in this automotive saga. If you haven’t read our previous article, click to read Why Timing Chains Stretch.

Enter synthetic oil, with its advanced formulation and superior properties. Unlike conventional oils, synthetic counterparts provide better lubrication and stability across a broader temperature range, reducing wear and tear on critical engine components, including the timing chain. Synthetic has practically replaced conventional oil entirely with all manufacturers in the last 10 years.

However, the analogy continues – not all synthetic oils are created equal. It’s crucial to choose the right synthetic oil with the correct additives and approvals, meeting the manufacturer’s specific requirements for your engine. Just because it says ‘synthetic’ doesn’t guarantee it’s the correct one.

It’s essential to ask and verify the oil your chosen shop is using. Having worked in a dealership for 11 years, I can personally attest that not all establishments, even the almighty dealerships, consistently provide the genuine oil they claim to. We’ve also observed compromising practices at oil lube shops (Jiffy Lube/Take5/etc), where an engine requiring 0w20 LL17FE+ oil might be filled with 5w30 or 10w40 that doesn’t meet the correct specification.

At ABR Houston, we use Motul full synthetic oil, offering a range of viscosities and approvals to meet manufacturers’ demands. This ensures we adhere to their requirements and avoid potential engine damage from incorrect oil use.

We want to ensure that your engine receives the correct and maximum protection by using the highest quality oils and filters for your vehicle. While our services may not be the cheapest, we prioritize using the absolute best products to service your vehicle. Because when it comes to your car, you want the best, right?

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CEO – ABR Houston
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