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ABR Houston in Houston, Texas invites you to participate in our Toys For Tots 2021 Christmas Campaign, where we will be giving out free brake pads to anybody who donates a toy (unwrapped and in its original packaging) for the entire month of November.

Each gift donated will be given to a child through the Toys For Tots program of the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Drop off a toy now and brighten a child’s Christmas this year.

We are thrilled to show you all of our auto repair services at ABR Houston in Houston, Texas. We believe that this event will provide a wonderful chance for the community to come together during this festive season.

Do you feel your vehicle needs auto repair brakes? Or are you looking for a competent auto technician to do a multi-point examination on your vehicle? We’ve got just what you’re looking for!

ABR Houston has been working diligently to prepare for the Toys For Tots 2021 campaign. Join us in celebrating as we provide all services – including our Auto Repair Brakes in Spring Houston TX.

If your brakes are frequently screaming, grinding, or pulling to one side while braking, there is almost certainly an issue. If you notice one or more of these signs, it may be time to bring your car in for a professional brake inspection.

Whether your vehicle requires a new transmission or an oil change on a routine basis, we have you covered. Therefore, contact our professionals to schedule a consultation now!


One of the most important safety features on your car is the brakes, and they must always function properly.

ABR Houston can handle all of your brake-related needs. When you apply the brakes, we want to make sure your system slows and stops your vehicle completely to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers.

Our Services Include:

  • BMW Repair
  • BMW Maintenance
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Alignments
  • ABR Service and Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning and Heat
  • Belts and Hoses
  • Batteries and Charging Systems
  • Check Engine Light
  • Electrical System Diagnosis
  • Engine Service and Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Transmission Repair

Trustworthy Full-Service Automotive Repair at an Affordable Price

The main reason we come to work is that we genuinely want to help you. The culture that we have here at ABR Houston pervades all of our workers. ABR Houston would not exist without them.

At ABR Houston, we have all of the instruments and facilities necessary to precisely diagnose your car, make it work properly, and efficiently repair it.

Besides having the same programming and diagnosis computers as the dealer, we also have considerably more powerful computers that allow us to do custom work and solve many problems. Do not hesitate to let us know when a substantial repair is required!

Our Auto Repair Brakes in Spring Houston TX operates as a full-service repair facility for a wide variety of auto problems. We are capable of working with diesel engines, European automobiles, and air conditioning systems, among other things.

The staff at ABR Houston is certified and trained to assist you with any of your difficult automobile problems. When you come to our facilities, we will make every effort to make you feel at ease.

Observe and Listen for Warning Signs of Brake Failure

No matter how well you take care of your car, your brake system may occasionally require maintenance or repair. Here are some common warning signals of brake failure to be on the lookout for:

  • There are squeals and squeaks.
  • When you come to a halt, grinding sounds occur.
  • Your steering column is shaking.
  • Brake pedals that are supple or “spongy”
  • When driving at highway speeds, you may experience wobbles and vibrations.
  • When you brake, you may find yourself pulling to one side or the other.

Brake System Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance prolongs car system life and saves money. This includes your car’s brakes. Brakes should be serviced every 20,000 miles, although this depends on your car’s make, model, and year, as well as your driving habits. Consult your owner’s handbook for recommended service intervals.

With your safety as our primary concern, we strive to keep the expense of significant repairs to a minimum. Performing routine maintenance on your car helps maintain it in excellent operating shape for many years to come. Don’t put off taking care of your car until there is a significant issue, which might cost you hundreds of dollars. When it’s time for routine maintenance, our shop will let you know and remind you when it’s time to bring your car in.

A brake system examination and service consist of the following:

  • Measuring the brake pads to determine their remaining mileage
  • Performing a visual inspection of the brake fluid level and cleanliness
  • Detecting and repairing brake fluid leaks
  • Inspecting the drums and/or rotors of the brakes
  • Performing a visual inspection of the wheel cylinders
  • Examining all brake hardware for signs of wear Examining brake hoses for cracks and leaks

Preventative maintenance brake inspections include checking all of the above components for wear and leaks and making repairs as necessary. This keeps your braking system in good shape. After we evaluate your brake pads, we’ll be able to tell you roughly when they need to be replaced.

ABR Houston is the go-to shop in Spring, TX for vehicle repairs and maintenance. BMW, Audi, Rolls-Royce, MINI, and Volkswagen are all serviced at our German auto repair shop. Since 2011, we’ve offered dependable German auto repair to our neighborhood. We provide a countrywide warranty on repairs for three years or 36,000 miles, as well as a welcoming waiting space with complimentary drinks, snacks, and Wi-Fi.

Look no further than ABR Houston’s team of skilled mechanics if you’re seeking a reputable facility to handle routine maintenance on your German car.

Receive Fast and Efficient Brake System Repairs

Brake problems are frequently the result of deteriorated brake pads or rotors. While braking, the brake pads are put through a lot of friction, which might harm the rotors, which dissipate the brake heat. We’re fortunate in that we have options when it comes to brake parts.

ABR Houston will also inspect your brake fluid, which increases the amount of pressure you apply to the brake pedal to bring your car to a complete stop. If your brake fluid level is low, your system will not work properly. Breathing in brake fluid also helps to keep your brakes from rusting and corroding.

Book an appointment or visit us at 17545 Kuykendahl Ste B, Spring, TX. We’ll ensure that your brakes continue to provide enough protection for you, your passengers, and many others.

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