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Car enthusiasts will attest that oil quality and proper oil levels are vital to a healthy engine. Leaking oil can cause trouble, so you need to take note if you need oil leak repair Spring TX.

Overheating is a common consequence of oil leak problems, and it can cause severe and irreversible damage to your engine and other components once overlooked.

Putting off repairs for an oil leak may lead to bigger headaches down the road. The good news is that once you recognize the symptoms of an engine oil leak, you can have repairs right away.


If you believe you have an oil leak, don’t delay and have your problem resolved immediately.

Signs that your engine is leaking oil is hard to ignore. If you notice these signs, you should visit your auto shop for oil leak repair Spring TX.

Burning Oil Smell

When you have an oil leak, a small amount may touch the hot components of your engine. This results in a burning smell that is unmistakable. You may not see any smoke, but the industrial smell of burning oil is hard to miss. Visit your mechanic to have it checked out at once.

Weird Sounds

If your engine oil touches hot parts of your engine, you will notice a burning smell and hear a sizzle like the sound of bacon frying in your engine. If your engine suddenly sounds like your kitchen, you have an oil leak problem you need to resolve. Go to your auto repair shop for an inspection and have it repaired immediately.

Smoke Under Your Hood

If your oil is leaking in larger amounts, burning oil will emit smoke from under your hood. When this happens, you should act at once to avoid further damage to your engine. Get it checked by a professional to prolong your engine’s lifespan.

Stains Under Your Car

Oil slicks in your garage and office parking slot are among the most obvious signs that your car is leaking oil. Water leaks are harder to detect because they don’t leave stains behind. Oil, on the other hand, will leave a stain on whatever surface it leaks on.

Puddles under your car indicate water leaks while a brownish or yellowish stain indicates an oil leak. For small leaks that are hard to detect, you can place a piece of cardboard or plastic plate beneath your car when you park and leave it overnight. This also confirms that the oil leak is coming from your vehicle and not from someone else’s car.

If your oil pan leaks, it will spill oil directly onto the pavement. Low oil levels cause problems with your engine, so you need to call an expert mechanic at once.

Indicator Light

Your dashboard has an indicator light that turns on when there is an issue with oil level or pressure. There are times when your light turns on when you are driving up or down a steep hill. This means that the instrument misread the amount due to leveling. The light will go off once your car levels out. If the light comes on and remains on, you should visit your mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

High Running Temperature

Engine oil regulates the temperature of your engine. It helps lubricate pistons and make them glide smoothly. Poor lubrication makes your pistons grind against other parts of your engine, producing enormous heat and potentially causing your engine to stall.

An overheating engine can be a symptom of an oil leak if your cooling system is working correctly. If you notice your engine running hot from your temperature gauge, you should suspect an oil leak. Schedule an appointment with your auto technician for oil leak repair Spring TX.


Do you have ugly, greasy stains on your driveway, or you notice a burning smell from the engine? It looks like you have an oil leak.

An oil leak can wreak havoc in your engine, don’t just shrug it off as an annoyance as other car owners do. If you ignore the problem long enough, be prepared for significant engine damage and costly repairs. Don’t mess around with oil leaks. Take your car in and leave the fixing to the professionals.

At ABR Houston, we have taken precautions to serve you with the best Oil Leak Repair Spring TX during this pandemic. We disinfect your vehicle before and after working on it and also provide pick up and drop off when needed.

Why Choose ABR Houston for service and repair of Oil leaks:

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  • Our team has all the tools and facilities to accurately diagnose your oil leak problem and fix it correctly.

ABR Houston provides the highest quality oil leak repair in Spring and Houston, TX. If oil leaks are spotted early on, they can be fixed at once without having to break the bank. Driving around with an oil leak can cause extra wear and tear on your engine. If you notice signs that your car, truck, or SUV has an oil leak, don’t think twice and take your car to our shop at once.

Schedule an appointment with us for oil leak service and repair. Call or send us a message on our website.

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