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It’s the summer months, and being stuck in your vehicle after it has been parked in the heat for hours without a working air conditioning system can be brutal. You turn on your A/C and all you get is hot air – you may be wondering, why? There are many reasons why the air conditioning system can fail, and taking note of other symptoms you may be experiencing can help pinpoint the issue.

For instance, if you’re always noticing a strange smell when you turn on the air condtiioning or a strange noise, this can help your mechanic better understand the issue that may be occuring. One thing is for sure – as soon as you notice that the A/C is broken, bring your vehicle into ABR Houston. You don’t want to drive all summer without A/C and the problem could be caused by a failing part that can lead to other part failure if ignored.

Here are some of the reasons why your air conditioning system isn’t blowing cold air:

  • A/C lost its charge of refrigerant
  • Failing A/C compressor
  • Electrical/circuit issues
  • A block in the refrigerant circuit
  • Overcharge of refrigerant
  • Moisture in the system
  • Control valve failure
  • Leak in the system

The causes above are just some examples of the different problems that can happen when it comes to your car’s A/C system. If you’re experiencing an air conditoning issue, bring your vehicle into ABR Houston today.

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