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What You Should Know About Catalytic Converters

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Catalytic converter theft has become an increasingly prevalent problem in recent years, with thieves targeting the valuable precious metals found inside these emission control devices. In this blog post, we will discuss what catalytic converters are, why they are targeted by thieves, and what steps you can take to protect your vehicle from theft.

What is a Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter is a device that is installed in the exhaust system of a vehicle to reduce the emissions of harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons. The catalytic converter works by converting these pollutants into less harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogen. The precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium found in the catalytic converter are what make it valuable to thieves.

Why are Catalytic Converters Stolen?

There are several steps you can take to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft:

  1. Park in well-lit areas: Thieves are less likely to attempt theft in well-lit areas where they are more likely to be seen.
  2. Install a security system: Installing a security system that includes an alarm and motion detectors can deter thieves and alert you if someone tries to steal your catalytic converter.
  3. Engrave your catalytic converter: Engraving your catalytic converter with your vehicle identification number (VIN) can help to deter thieves and make it more difficult for them to sell the converter.
  4. Use a catalytic converter lock: A catalytic converter lock, shield or plate can be installed to make it more difficult for thieves to remove the converter from your vehicle.
  5. Park in a garage: If possible, park your vehicle in a garage where it is not easily accessible to thieves.

Catalytic converter theft is a growing problem that can cost vehicle owners hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair. Taking steps to protect your vehicle can help to deter thieves and prevent the theft of your catalytic converter. By parking in well-lit areas, installing a security system, engraving your converter, using a lock, and parking in a garage, you can greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of catalytic converter theft.
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