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Audi vehicles are beautiful cars – they are luxurious, high-performing, and rarely ever disappoint. If you own an Audi, you understand how important it is to take care of your vehicle with regular maintenance and care. Typically, they are free from major issues and don’t require much mechanical work beyond general maintenance and service. However, they are working machines and therefore are still susceptible to wear and tear.

While Audis are usually very reliable, there are some common issues that we’ve seen happen over the years. The following are some of the most common Audi problems:

  • Electrical issues – because Audi vehicles are complex and have many different electrical powered features, they are prone to electrical problems here and there.
  • Oil leaks – Audi engines can have oil leaks which can lead to engine problems if ignored, so keep an eye out!
  • Timing belt replacement – just like most vehicles, the timing belt will more than likely need to be replaced at a certain interval. We recommend following your vehicle’s manufacturer interval for timing belt replacement or having it inspected regularly.
  • Spark plugs – a common issue with Audi vehicles is ignition failure caused by bad spark plugs. Luckily, this is an inexpensive fix and can be replaced with better quality spark plugs to enhance performance.
  • Axle issues – a symptom that some Audi owners deal with is a clunking noise when making sharp turns. This is due to a problem with the axle CV boot which causes the joints to lose grease.

While these are just some of the potential issues that Audi drivers can face, we always recommend bringing your vehicle into our shop if you notice any issues for an inspection. Plus, if you stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance, we will be able to identify problems early on and get them fixed right away. So when you need Audi repair in Spring, TX, bring your car into ABR Houston today!

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