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Ford’s Lightning SuperTruck Dominates Pikes Peak

Sorry, I have a soft spot for the Lightning since I owned one.

In an electrifying display of speed and innovation, the Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck EV Demonstrator took the top spot at the 102nd Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This remarkable feat was achieved by driver Romain Dumas, who navigated the challenging course in just 8 minutes and 53 seconds, beating all 61 competitors.

A Record-Breaking Run

Dumas’ performance comes on the heels of a new qualifying record for the Open Class, with a time of 3:32.831, smashing the previous record by over seven seconds. Despite facing a technical issue during the climb, Dumas’ quick thinking and determination allowed him to reset the vehicle and finish the race strong.

Innovation in Electric Vehicles

This is not Ford’s first success with an EV at Pikes Peak. Last year, the Ford Performance SuperVan 4.2 made headlines, and the lessons learned from that experience were crucial to this year’s victory. Mark Rushbrook, Global Director of Ford Performance Motorsports, emphasized the dedication and hard work of the Ford team in pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle performance.

Team Effort

The construction of the SuperTruck was a collaborative effort. STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development) contributed to creating the 1600+ horsepower powerhouse, while top-tier components like Sparco racing harnesses and bespoke Pirelli P-Zero tires ensured safety and stability on the treacherous mountain roads. Sriram Pakkam, High-Performance EV Manager at Ford Performance Motorsports, praised the team’s meticulous attention to detail in optimizing the vehicle’s aerodynamics and powertrain.

The Road Ahead

Romain Dumas, a seasoned veteran in the Race to the Clouds, expressed his honor in achieving this victory with Ford Performance. The SuperTruck’s debut at Pikes Peak is just the beginning of its journey, promising more groundbreaking performances in the future.

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