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A message from Alex, the owner-
2018 is behind us (well, maybe except for a few bills and loose ends from December) and 2019 is already here. I wonder to myself sometimes- “What will the next year bring us?” Its always a mystery to me on how it will unfold. 2018 was quite interesting. The next thing that comes to mind is “What can we do better?”
This is where you come in.
I want to know.
Good or bad, I want to know.
What can we do better to serve you going forward?
Email me directly at [email protected].
IF you think we have room for improvement, please tell me.
IF you think we deserve Kudos, please tell me.
IF you think there is something that we could do for you in 2019 that would make your friends or family come see us, please tell me.
We’ll keep doing our very best, providing the best service, handling our clients with exceptional service, and providing the longest warranty.
Here’s some things we’ve done to bring more value to our clients and push the envelope on proving we’re the best in the business for 2019:
-We are now officially an Authorized Tire Rack installer. This is huge! (a little difficult to achieve as well)
-We have a new Hunter 26 thousand dollar touch less tire machine and a Hunter road force tire balancer to make sure your vehicle has superior tire service.
-As always, we’re the only shop in town other than the dealership that has a Genuine BMW KDS alignment machine and BMW/VW/Audi master technicians performing your alignment.
-We offer a national tire and wheel warranty now! When you purchase your tires from us, we can provide you with warranty on them 🙂
-We purchased a huge, powerful 80 gallon ultrasonic cleaner now, and will be providing ultrasonic cleaning for clients on their own projects, parts, and items. We also use this now to clean parts to ensure better quality repairs.
-We donate support St.Judes Children’s hospital, our choice for donations and charity. We encourage you to donate if possible.
-We raised money for St.Judes by blowing a junk BMW engine up, then sold hammer swings to hit it 🙂 . It was awesome, and the video of the engine blowing up is on our Youtube channel.
-We donated vehicles to the local Fire department for them to practice extraction techniques.
-We had a FANTASTIC turn out for out Annual Toys for Tots brake promotion, thank you for that! We were able to donate a literal truck load of toys, and gave away over 5 THOUSAND dollars in free brake pads!
-We tried doing food trucks on every Friday, and did so for a few months. We tried to get a food culture movement here but it didn’t gain traction. I don’t think we’ll do it this year due to the expenses incurred.
-We were considering doing a car clinic- where we show the ins and outs of basic car repair. Is this of interest?
-What social gathering or meeting do you want to see?
-Should we make a VIP or preferred club?
Your opinions are welcome.
What does 2019 hold for ABR Houston? The future will tell, and we hope to continue our relationships with our clients by earning their trust, one person at a time.

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