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Absolutely love ABR! I would not take my vehicle to another place. Very professional, fast and they know how to communicate. I’ve gotten both of my cars serviced here, major and minor repairs. I’ve had an 8k job where I had my transmission rebuilt on my 750. Normally, I’d stress and worry, but with ABR, it’s just different…really better than the dealership in customer service and pricing. I love their way of doing things, where you can simply go online to approve (or disapprove) suggested repairs. Transparency really at its finest! If you have questions, they have answers and won’t make you feel as if you are bothering them. They are always a phone call away.

Tiffany S.

ABR when above and beyond when working on my BMW. I was worried it would be a costly repair with expensive parts and long labor hours to solve. Their tech took a look at it and identified the problem as a simple fix and came in under 10% of estimated cost to fix! They also did a great job on simple maintenance work for my car like oil & filter change. Best Indy BMW shop in Houston.

Robert B.

ABR Houston is very affordable . The service staff is very knowledgable on maintenance and repairs. They have serviced my vehicle for the past three years. The average BMW dealership is overpriced compared to the same repairs ABR will charge. I would highly recommend their business.

Evan T.

I’ve been coming to ABR since 2014. They have modified my BMWs, performed basic maintenance and made extensive repairs. I’ve spent a lot here, but it was always worth it and I have never felt cheated and I know I still came less out of pocket than I would at any dealer in the city. They’re honest and will tell you like it is. They don’t cut corners or blind side you. They get it done right the first time. Great shop. Great People and nice dog 🐕

Ricardo L.

As always, very professional and VERY thorough as well as fair. The alignment specialist found two things that caused my car to keep drifting to the right side: worn control arm bushings and leaking steering tie ends. I don't think the dealership would have found these issues. Highly recommended.

Viet T.

Been with ABR Houston for years. Excellent customer service and personal treatment. My cars are my babies and I would never trust my “babies” to just anyone. Owning classic BMW’s and BMW supercars is easy when I have the guys at ABR Houston to do the work which allows me to drive my cars with no issues. Over the years I’ve learned that when you find an entire shop that treats my cars as their own is priceless and I won’t trust my cars to any other shop but ABR Houston. Shout out to Jordan and Bones are just the best. 🐾💙

Maggie E.

When I bought a collectible car for my mother, knowing it would need a lot of work for me to be comfortable giving to her, I knew I wanted to work with the team at ABR to get it into proper condition. They have treated me fairly and taken good care of my cars in the past, but this was a new challenge. Every step of the way, they have helped me make informed and practical decisions. She absolutely loves the car and I feel great that she can drive it, around town or across the state, with no concerns! Thanks ABR!

Michael C.

Huge huge shoutout to these guys!! Saved us thousands of dollars from a false diagnosis from a different auto mechanic . VERY HONEST place! So hard to find these days! And my wife loved the 🐶

Michael B.

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